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The Fontaine Sisters: Claudia and Paula


Fontaine Studio Tours:Austin Studio and Gallery Tours is the brainchild of Paula Fontaine-Haake. Paula  and Claudia Fontaine Chidester are daughters of Paul and Virginia Fontaine, expatriate artists. Paul was an abstract expressionist painter and Virginia a photographer and chronicler of the rebirth of art in Germany post WWII.  Both Paula and Claudia were born in Frankfurt, Germany but have lived in Austin over twenty years. 

Due to her sister’s recent diagnosis of heart disease, Paula created an event for the American Heart Association that combined her love of art with raising money for the cause.;she created”Find your Heart in the Art,” fundraising Art Shows, in 2006 and 2007. Paula was chartered to find artists to donate to the silent auction and soon discovered how numerous  and generous Austin’s artists are, and also how fun it was to meet them. Paula was also  the catering director for the Austin Country Club over ten years after studying Spanish, German and French at the   University of Massachusetts, University of Madrid and the Language Institute in Besançon ;  and Claudia, B.A. in Art History from Wellesley College  and an MIS from UT in Information Studies, was the Director of Research at Austin Ventures for fourteen years. Both have retired and decided to follow their unique passions for collecting art and discovering artists, much like their parents did fifty years ago. Claudia has also created an Archive for  Paul and Virginia’s artistic and written works: www.fontaine.org  

Why Tours?

Paula and Claudia have lived in Austin over twenty years and have watched Austin grow into an exciting artistic center, much like their home town Darmstadt, Germany was in the 1960’s. After the success with “Find your Heart in the Art,” they have become fond of the East Austin Studio Tour  which opened up their eyes even further to the community of artists. However in attending every year, they never got beyond seeing maybe ten percent of the artists. It was harder than  they thought and they found themselves going back to favorite artists. 

This endeavor, called Fontaine Studio Tours, is an effort to get to see all the studios and bring along others that would like to do the same. Make a reservation if you’d like to discover the artists of Austin. 

Tour Information

For personal introductions to artists  in their studios,  call us to set up a time and date. 

Price is $45/pp. 

Minimum 2, and Maximum 10 people. 

Wednesday -Sunday 10-12:30 or  1:30 -4:00 

For reservations contact: 

Paula Fontaine-Haake,Director 

cell: 512-264-4392 

email: epaula2@sbcglobal.net